Corporate profile

Sangola Agro set up in 2005 – in family owned enterprise of the Chandane family.

     The company work to out of passion on the Parr of Mr. Prabhakar Chandane, Who is the first pomegranate grower from India and also president of pomegranate Growers Association of India.  Mr. Prabhakar Chandane is an electrical Engineer by profession but he devoted himself to the agriculture sector.  In past 35 years, he has contributed a whole lot to agriculture related work and especially pomegranate cultivation sector.

     Mr. Prabhakar Chandane started pomegranate cultivation first time at Sangola in India from his own 2 acers Plantation of ‘Ganesh’ Variety.  He developed a group of farmers for cultivation and marketing of pomegranate in India.  After increased quantity of cultivation and volume in production he established ‘Krushi Vikas Sahakari Sanstha’ in 1988 as a co-operative society and look the responsibility as a chairman for managing this society.  The aim of the society way to provide maximum marketing benefits to its member pomegranate farmers by sending the product to various national and international destination and fetching good returns  for the same.  The Society has its own pre-cooling and cold storage facility to provide past harvest facility. 

     In the year 1992, Mr. Prabhakar chandane established “Akhil Maharashtra Dalimb Utpadak Sanshodhan Sangh. And at present he is serving the post of the president of association.  It is as Maharashtra State based association.  The associations provide research in the field of pest and disease management, quality control measure so as to maintain in line with exportable quality parameters.  Its aim is also to provide govt. related information instructions to the farmer’s activity as dissenemtion service Provider. 

     Establishment of National Research Centre on Pomegranate is big achievement of this association.

     In the year 2005 under the guidance of Hon. Sharad Chandraji Pawar, Mr. Prabhakar Chandane established.  “Pomegranate Grower’s Association of India” which is an association of all the pomegranate growing farmer in India.  He is currently serving at the post of president for the mentioned association.